Eduardo Calzado

Multimedia Designer & Engineer

Hello there!

I'm a freelance multimedia designer that prides on high versatility and great turnover. A videogame enthusiast with nerdy tendencies that hopes to always belong in this industry. I hope you like what you see and you consider me for your projects or a collaboration.

You can also check my artstation for illustration and 3D design



Relevant clients and campaigns

Empire of Sin

A strategy game by Romero Games that brings us back to the times of Al Capone. Provided graphic design for the project on its launch campaign

Europa Universalis IV

A historical strategy game with great following. Provided graphic design for several of its projects and was in charge of designing visual identities

Paradox Interactive

A great game publisher that I've worked with in multitude of projects with various types of purposes.

Kosmos Tennis

The ones who make the Davis Cup Finals happen. I've helped envision the player's space with my 3D designs, among other things

Balloon World Cup

The phenomenon that managed to garner an incredible twitch presence. Provided graphic design for streaming, social and other fields

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